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The Business Success Collection

For people who want to run a profitable freelance business, not a time-sucking, money-gobbling admin prison.

Business templates and scripts

A collection of tried-and-tested email scripts, contract templates and processes, to help you run a profitable online business, from pitch to get paid.

(Because who has time to be doing this stuff from scratch when someone's done the hard work already?)

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    Pitch to prospects with tried-and-tested email pitch scripts
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    Seal the deal with a copywriting agreement that secures your down payment for the project (trust me, you need this)
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    Get the testimonial from the client with our 1-minute hack (No more, Please, please, pretty please, I'll give you my kidney if you give me a testimonial)
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    Templates are regularly updated and new content is added regularly - AT NO COST TO YOU.

Want to know why most freelancers fail? 

Their pitching emails suck, so they lose out on lucrative gigs.

They spend long, interminable, tedious HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS and MONTHS chasing unpaid payments from clients, when in reality, they could have weeded out those clients BEFORE working on their projects in the first place.

Deep down, they do not believe their worth, so they end up running a failed freelance writing business, BEFORE they even START.

Abidemi Sanusi, author, writing coach

I freelanced for many years, so I know what that life is like.

And I'm determined to make it easy for you, so you can avoid the mistakes I made, run the freelance business of your dreams and live the life that you want to live.

ABIDEMI SANUSI  //  Veteran Freelancer // Writing Business Coach

What is the Business
Success Collection?

What is the Busines​s Success Collection?

What if I'm just starting out as a freelancer?

What if I'm not a freelance writer?

Will the Business Success Collection make me a millionaire?

Did a lawyer draft the contract templates?

How will I get the templates?

Attract your ideal clients. Protect your business and your reputation. The Business Success Collection templates make it super easy.



Celebrity. Editor. Corporate huncho. Whoever you want to cold pitch, the tried-and-tested "3-Email Pitch" script make it easy. Just copy. Paste. Done.



Without breaking sweat or reducing your fees. The Client Persuasion script template make it easy. 



Because nothing says, "You got the job" more powerfully than a signed contract and 50% deposit from client. Our template makes it easy.



Get the clients that YOU want to work with using the Prospect Pre-Qualifier. Because life is too short to work with people you can't stand.

I've done the hard work, so you don't have to. Just copy. Paste. Done. Here are some samples.

Email Pitch Script s
Copywriting Contract Template
How to screen clients
email pitch template
copywriting agreement template, copywriting contract template

Get instant access to the Business Success Collection templates now!

Delivered seamlessly as a compressed, downloadable folder via Google doc. Ready to use with Word, LibreOffice and other popular office programmes.

Business templates and scripts

What you get (instant access to 20+ scripts and templates - delivered seamlessly to you!)

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    3 email pitch scripts
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    Business proposal template
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    Client briefing form
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    Services contract with your deposit locked in
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    Subcontractor agreement
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    1-minute testimonial hacker - no more begging for testimonials with this hack
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    "Dear Client, you've been fired" email script
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    Late payment prompt script
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    Persuasion script for premium rates - say goodbye to crappy, low-paid projects
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    Invoice tracker
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    Client 'Screener'/'Pre-Qualifier'
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    Projects tracker 
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    Project sign-off form
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    Project estimate form template
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    'Difficult conversation' email script
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    1-minute testimonial hack
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    Client status call template

For your successful freelance life


TRIED. TESTED. PROVEN. These are the same templates I used to acquire and retain big brand clients, like the top three anti-virus software company in the world and one of the leading hotel brands in Europe, so you know they're the real deal.


FREE UPDATES. You get FREE updates every time the templates are updated (PLUS, new templates are added to the collection ALL THE TIME), so you remain at the top of your game, without any effort from, and AT NO COST TO YOU. 


YOU FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS. Ready-made templates mean that you can focus on what's important - running your freelance business. Just copy, paste, done.  

Get instant access to the Business Success Collection templates and start getting these benefits NOW! 

Tried and tested templates to help you systemise and run your freelance business, from pitch to get paid. Why start from scratch when someone has done the hard work already?

Business templates and scripts

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Abidemi Sanusi, author, writing coach


These templates can really help you to raise your game!

"I've freelanced for most of my career. I've also run two businesses, so I know what templates you need to help you run your business effectively. 

Now, you don't have to spend hours crafting the perfect pitching emails or making sure your writing agreement covers your deposit, because I've done it all for you with the Business Success Collection!"

Abidemi Sanusi Founder,, Veteran Freelancer & Writing Business Coach.

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