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Start running a profitable SEO content business in 90 days (even if you haven't got a clue about SEO and are an utter newbie to SEO content!)

Join this SEO copywriting course and discover the simple  system to writing SEO copy that converts and does well on Google. Sign up today and go from content writing beginner to master SEO copywriter. 


If you want to make money from your writing by being an SEO copywriter, and:

  • be positioned as an expert in your industry...
  • attract profitable clients to your freelance business your business...

My class on SEO copywriting  will show you exactly how to do that.

(This is the same process that I used to land my first $20K deal within three months of launching my own SEO copywriting business).

* Sales tax may be applicable in some EU countries

By the end of the SEO Copywriting course you will know how to:

  • Write sizzling content that converts
  • Apply SEO techniques to your content, so it connects you to people searching for your content writing services on Google
  • Conduct keyword research using FREE, recommended tools
  • Set up your own SEO copywriting business 
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace (hint: this means that you can charge more for your services)
  • Talk confidently and knowledgeably about SEO to clients 

* Sales tax may be applicable in some EU countries


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Get the SEO copywriting course and get the Business Success Collection* (value: $299).

These are tried-and-tested email scripts, contract templates and processes, to help you run a profitable online business, from pitch to get paid.

If you’ve ever wanted to upskill your writing and scale up your writing business, the SEO copywriting course and the Business Success Collection can help you get there.

*The Business Success Collection will be emailed to you 32 days after you enrol on the SEO copywriting course.

* Sales tax may be applicable in some EU countries

I tripled my freelance rates and the quality of my clients when I learnt highly in-demand SEO techniques that helped my clients' content to perform better on Google and convert their web visitors to customers. 

It is these same skills that you will learn on the SEO copywriting course. 

Abidemi Sanusi, author, writing coach



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