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Learn how to write and create stuff that matters, whether that's a novel, a non-fiction book, a blog for your clients, or building your brand. The courses are practical and taught by seasoned industry professionals who actually earn a living from their writing work - no theory here.

Love blogging? Why not get paid for it? 

Get this course and learn how to write blogs for business clients. Modules include:

How to write blogs for your clients that people will want to share.

Seriously simple SEO techniques and keyword research to help your clients' blogs stand out in Google.

Unique blog ideas that will keep your clients' blogs fresh, drive traffic to their blogs and increase engagement with their brands. 

And more.

It's time to get your book out of your head and into the world.

Let's face it; writing a book is hard. You know that because you've tried it.

If you would like to go from:

... talking about writing a book

... trying to write a book

to having a finished manuscript that people will love to read (even if no one has heard of you), this course is for you. 

How to write business blogs that convert