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Sometimes, you need a little help with your writing and content stuff, and this is where we can help. Our courses are a step-by-guide to writing and creating stuff that matters, whether that's a novel, a blog for your writing business, or building your brand. 

How to use blog to get customers

Tired of blogging to crickets?

Then, this course is for you.

Learn how to get ideas for your business blog that will attract your target customers, turn them into paying customers and fans of your blog.

The result? More traffic to your blog via returning visitors (the best type of customers, EVER) and more conversions.

Isn't it time your business blog paid its way?

It's time to get your book out of your head and into the world.

Let's face it; writing a book is hard.

Conventional wisdom dictates that it's as easy as firing up the laptop and bashing away on the keyboard.

Only it's not that easy. And you know that because you've tried it.

If you would like to go from trying to write a book to having a finished manuscript, this course is for you.

​The question is: are you ready to go from dreaming, to writing and finishing your first book? 

How to write a book